Tarantula slideshow

Habitats: Worldwide
Personality: Hunter or Physician?

36,000 known species of spiders exist today! Everyone knows the spider has 8 legs, but did you know they come in all sizes, ranging pinhead size (.05mm) to the Goliath Bird Eater Tarantula which can measure up to 11 inches across?

All spiders are poisonous but most spider fangs are too small to actually bite a human or not toxic enough to cause much damage. There are a few exceptions but mostly spiders are beneficial to man by controlling the insect population. They are natural, agile hunters, setting traps, attacking with stealth and paralyzing their prey with adept skill.

Only true spiders have spinnerets with a combination of different types of silk glands. There are seven types of spider silk which is astonishingly stronger than steel when measured by weight! Amazing facts but what interested Terry in these creepy, crawly arachnids?

During the civil war, doctors commonly used spider web to help control bleeding and infection. Swathing silk is used by some spiders to immobilize prey and will then naturally preserve the prey from decaying. This was all Terry needed to begin the hunt for powerful webs of antibody properties! Want to know more about what Terry's team discovered?
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