Choose a continent or isolated island and Terry Fredeking will surely have a related story of intrigue, mystery and science! Terry is the President and CEO of Antibody Systems located in Hurst, Texas. Heading Research and Development, Terry works hand in hand with numerous labs all over the world including the Vector lab in Russia. Antibody Systems also owns several labs scattered throughout the United States and has been a leading producer of diagnostic and therapeutic biological materials used by pharmaceutical companies worldwide in both application and research.

Meet Terry M. Fredeking

Expeditionary Biologist and owner of Antibody Systems, guest on Animal Planet, Discovery, and Ripley's Believe It or Not... publishing articles in scientific magazines, interviewing with major newspapers New York Times and Dallas Post, you have probably heard of Terry. If so, you know that Terry grew into the man the little boy inside of him, always wanted to be.

Searching for unique cures

Crawling through jungles, swamps and caves, Terry seeks dragons, vampires and devils just to name a few, all for the purpose of finding never before imagined cures. The dream all began with that little boy, the one that still lives today.

A real-life Indiana Jones

Terry Fredeking, Texas' own Indiana Jones of Expeditionary Biology treks worldwide procuring raw material from animals such as vampire bats, Tasmanian devils, poisonous snakes and Komodo dragons. Terry's unrelenting faith in natural cures leads his company in aiding pharmaceutical companies in research of treatments for a variety of maladies that affect mankind. Need a little vampire spit? A leech or two? You know who to call!

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