Treatment of Ebola virus infection with a recombinant inhibitor of factor VIIa/tissue factor: a study in rhesus monkeys.
Infection with the Ebola virus induces overexpression of the procoagulant tissue factor in primate monocytes and macrophages, suggesting that inhibition of the tissue-factor pathway could ameliorate the effects of Ebola haemorrhagic fever.
Drug shows promise for Ebola virus treatment in primates
For the first time, scientists have successfully treated monkeys infected with the deadly Ebola virus. Ebola causes hemorrhagic fever that kills up to 80 percent of humans infected with the virus.

Tarrant County College Collegian
Local adventurer shares excitement of biological safaris
"Known as 'The Hunter'since high school, Fredeking, the CEO of Antibody Systems Inc., uses these components to help create antibodies for viruses..."

National Wildlife
Chasing the Magic Dragon
Researchers risk life and limb to solve the puzzle of the Komodo dragon's immunity to its own deadly bacteria.

Changes in immune parameters and their correction in human cases of tick-borne encephalitis.
Tick-Borne Encephalitis virus (TBEV) causes dangerous central nervous system diseases in humans. General infection leads to the development of meningitis or encephalitis, which is characterized by swelling of the brain due to inflammation.
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Wiley InterScience Journal
Blood values in wild and captive Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis)
The Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is the largest living lizard and occupies a range smaller than that of any other large carnivore in the world. Samples from 33 free-ranging animals at five localities in Komodo National Park, Indonesia were evaluated to assess underlying health problems.
Komodo keeper a hit in France
...This was the first such conference for 120 keepers who work with Komodos in 12 countries. Arnett was invited because of his breeding success: 32 hatchings from Nago (male) and Sobat...

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Hurst biologist says antibiotic may fight West Nile
Before age slowed him down, expeditionary biologist Terry Fredeking of Hurst went to the ends of the earth to advance medicine. His company, Antibody Systems of Hurst, uses substances...

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